Child Support

Somerville Child Support Lawyer Child support is an extremely important aspect of any divorce action involving children. New Jersey follows codified Child Support Guidelines which are generally based upon the income of the parties.

However, the guidelines have many exceptions. Ms. Wagner is well-versed in the guidelines and will ensure that your children are adequately protected financially based upon the particular details of your case.

What is Child Support?

Child support is the means by which children are able to live at a standard of living comparable to that which their parents are living and, therefore, it is generally based upon the incomes of the parties. The amount of time the children spend with the parents, as well as the ages of the children, are also applicable.

The parent with primary physical custody of the children will generally be the recipient of the support which can be paid by the other party voluntarily on a weekly or monthly basis or through a wage garnishment enforced by the state.

What is not included in Child Support

Somerset Child Support LawyerFor young children attending work-related day care or pre-school, the cost of such care will generally be shared by the parties in proportion to their incomes. It can be paid along with the appropriate amount of child support or be paid directly by the parties to the child care provider.

Although the Child Support Guidelines include certain activities, clothing and equipment, many activities in which older children participate are not included in the guidelines and an appropriate sharing of those costs by the parties would have to be determined.

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