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Dealing with family law and divorce situations is emotional and overwhelming at the same time. At the Law Office of Katherine Wagner, you will receive caring, supportive, yet strong representation enabling you to fight for your rights while maintaining your emotional well-being. Ms. Wagner has the expertise and dedication to provide your family law case with the attention it needs with no detail overlooked.

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A divorce in New Jersey requires attention to many details to minimize the negative impact it may have on you, your children and your future financial well-being. Ms. Wagner has over 25-years of experience in divorce and family law and all the intricate details and attention it requires.

Child Custody & Parenting Time

With experience as a child custody mediator, Ms. Wagner understands the careful balancing needed to ensure the well-being of children with the needs of parents to continue their relationships with their children through appropriate custody and parenting time arrangements.

Child Support

New Jersey follows codified Child Support Guidelines generally based upon the incomes of the parties. However, the guidelines have many exceptions. Ms. Wagner is well-versed in the guidelines as well as its many exceptions and will ensure that your children are adequately protected financially based upon the particular details of your case.


New Jersey does not have specific alimony guidelines. It does, however, have several different forms of alimony which are determined on a case-by-case basis. Ms. Wagner has experience representing parties on both sides of the equation and she will ensure proper payment/receipt of the appropriate form of alimony.

Equitable Distribution

Divorce in New Jersey involves the fair and equitable distribution of both real and personal property acquired during the marriage. Ms. Wagner will help you navigate the process of identifying, and possibly locating hidden assets, and ensuring that they are properly divided.

Post-Judgment Motions

In the aftermath of a divorce, financial and, sometimes, relationships with children will change. Sometimes one party or the other will not live up to the terms agreed upon in the divorce. Ms. Wagner can assist you in modifying and/or enforcing the terms of a prior agreement through the filing of a post-judgment motion.

Prenuptial Agreements

With divorce rates soaring, it is sometimes important to protect premarital and/or family assets from the strict equitable distribution dictates of divorce law in New Jersey. Whether you are going to become a first time spouse or if this is a second marriage, Ms. Wagner can help you set up a prenuptial agreement to ensure a fair division of property should the marriage end in divorce.

Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements are generally drafted following an agreement on all issues relative to a divorce. However, sometimes parties want to determine their rights and obligations without divorcing as would, of necessity, be the case with unmarried couples with assets and children. Ms. Wagner will ensure that your agreement is comprehensive, thorough and in your best interests.

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