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Family Law

Somerset County Family Law Attorney

Our dedicated Somerset County family law attorney at Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law is committed to serving clients dealing with divorce and other related matrimonial issues. If you are facing issues involving divorce, separation, child custody, alimony, or any other family law matter in New Jersey, you can rely on the experienced, dedicated, and passionate family lawyer Katherine K. Wagner for advice and representation. Contact us today so you can tell us your story.

Somerset County Family Law Attorney On Your Side

Family law is an extremely personal field of law, as there are few legal matters that hit closer to home. Here at Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law, our experienced Somerset County family law attorney has dedicated years of her career to assisting those who need competent legal counsel through a wide array of family and matrimonial law matters. Whether you are getting divorced, are looking to modify the terms of your divorce, or have any other family law concerns, you can depend on our firm to fight for you.

Our Legal Services

Seasoned Somerset County family law attorney Katherine K. Wagner is prepared to field any family law case or issue that comes her way. Review our FAQs for answers to many of the questions that Ms. Wagner receives from clients on a daily basis. Ms. Wagner is ready and able to provide advice and representation with regard to any family law issue, including the following:

  • Divorce: We offer advice and representation to parties across all aspects of divorce.
  • Divorce with a Business: If you are a business owner and you are getting divorced, you have a lot on the line, and our firm’s goal is to protect your business from the pitfalls of a divorce.
  • Child Custody: Whether you are negotiating child custody as part of a separation or divorce, trying to win back or otherwise modify custody rights, or protecting your children against an unsafe environment, our firm is here to help.
  • Parenting Time: We will negotiate your parenting time arrangement and ensure that all parties adhere to any parenting time agreement.
  • Child Support: We have years of experience negotiating child support under New Jersey law and enforcing existing child support obligations.
  • Alimony: Ms. Wagner has represented clients on all sides of the alimony equation, seeking to maximize, reduce, and enforce alimony agreements on behalf of New Jersey clients.
  • Property Distribution: Ms. Wagner will help you reach an amicable agreement where possible and will fight for your rights where necessary to ensure that your marital property is divided fairly and justly.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications: Whether you are seeking to enforce a child support or alimony order, exercise your parental rights, or modify an existing arrangement, Ms. Wagner will walk you through the legal processes.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Ms. Wagner offers advice and representation in drafting, executing, and enforcing prenuptial agreements in New Jersey marriages.
  • Separation Agreements: Ms. Wagner has years of experience helping separated couples protect their finances and their families before deciding whether to pursue a full, legal divorce.
  • Child Relocation: If your circumstances as a parent change, Ms. Wagner will help you go through the legal steps necessary to ensure that your parental rights are protected and your relationship with your children preserved.

Ms. Wagner prides herself on providing individualized, dedicated legal services, combining expertise developed over decades of family law experience with deep care and compassion for her clients and their families. At Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law, we fight for your rights and your family while providing the emotional support necessary to get you through this difficult process and get your life back where it needs to be.

More Than Two Decades of Dedicated Family Law Service to New Jersey

New Jersey family lawyer Katherine K. Wagner has represented New Jersey clients across all types of family law matters for over 25 years. Ms. Wagner knows how to work towards an amicable resolution to family law matters to reduce the cost, time, and emotional heartache associated with divorce and other family law disputes. But with more than two decades litigating family law cases for clients of all types, Ms. Wagner is also more than prepared to fight for her clients all the way through trial and beyond.

Providing All Legal Services Connected to Divorce and Other Family Law Matters

At Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law, we will handle all aspects of your divorce, separation, or other family law legal proceeding. We provide all legal services associated with your family law matter, including:

  • Filing complaints, motions, and other court documents
  • Arguing motions in court on your behalf
  • Identifying, locating, and collecting relevant evidence, such as hidden or foreign assets
  • Tracking down and bringing in important witnesses
  • Identifying and retaining accountants, child psychologists, lifestyle experts, and other expert witnesses helpful in proving your case
  • Advising you on settlement offers and other important case milestones
  • Advising you on related legal matters such as tax consequences and retirement accounts
  • Fighting your case all the way through trial, where necessary

Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law provides full service from day one until your matter has reached a satisfactory conclusion. We will be with you every step of the way. Katherine K. Wagner is a name you can trust with your divorce or other family law matter.

Over 25 Years of Dedicated Service to New Jersey Family Law Clients

There are many aspects of family law in New Jersey that have their own unique issues that must be handled with careful consideration. Obtaining proper legal representation from an experienced attorney in family law can help to minimize mistakes or oversight of potential issues that a general practice attorney may miss, or with which they may simply not be familiar. If you are facing a life-changing event such as a divorce, you need representation from someone who has dedicated themselves to that specific area of law. Many people may seek the advice of an attorney who has handled their traffic court violation or handled their estate planning. However, these attorneys may not be experienced in all the various aspects of a divorce. It is an intricate and detailed area of the law and must not be handled by a novice attorney who thinks “How hard can a divorce be?” Seek the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney like Ms. Wagner.

Over more than two decades of service to New Jersey family law, Ms. Wagner has provided honest and compassionate advice to her clients, be they women/mothers, men/fathers, live-in or same-sex couples, as she guides them through the entire process. She understands what is involved and always educates herself on the ever-evolving laws regarding divorce, custody and marital issues in New Jersey.

Ms. Wagner prides herself on the exemplary service she provides every client, no matter how unique his or her situation may be. If you are facing family law issues of any kind, she can help you navigate the law and understand your rights. Contact her office today for a consultation, and start educating yourself on the issues you and your family may be facing.

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If you are considering divorce, facing child support or alimony issues, dealing with child custody arrangements, or need advice or representation regarding any other family law matters in New Jersey, reach out to a seasoned, effective, and compassionate Somerville family lawyer at Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law. Ms. Wagner has over 25 years of experience helping clients with family law issues in the counties of Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon, and the surrounding areas. Contact Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law today to discuss your divorce or other family law issue in New Jersey.