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New Brunswick Child Custody Lawyer

Going through a New Jersey divorce can be even more of an emotional experience if you have children. It’s one of the most important aspects of a separation or divorce. When parents divorce, the final settlement will include an agreement on how much time each parent will spend with their children. One parent will be the primary caretaker, while the other will have a designated amount of parenting time with their children. In some divorces or separations, you can reach an agreement without going to court. However, if there is no chance of getting an amicable settlement, it may be necessary to let a judge decide.

New Brunswick child custody lawyer Katherine K. Wagner has close to 30 years of experience assisting clients with all their family law needs, including child custody. Ms. Wagner works to ensure that every one of her clients is fully informed about the various types of child custody and what each type of arrangement means. Our legal team will work with opposing counsel to reach a settlement that satisfies all parties when possible. If necessary, she will fight for your parental rights in court. At the end of the day, we want to ensure all decisions reflect what is best for your children. Contact our firm today.

Different Types of New Jersey Child Custody

No arrangement works for all families. There are different elements to consider and other options available to tailor each type of custody to your particular needs and circumstances. Under New Jersey law, the main types of custody arrangements are:

  • Legal Custody: Can be sole legal custody or joint legal custody
  • Physical Custody: Can be sole physical custody or joint physical custody

Legal custody is the type of custody where each parent has the right to make decisions for their child on essential topics such as religion, education, healthcare, and more. In many divorces, the court will award joint legal custody, so both parents have a say in important decisions in their children’s lives.

Physical custody refers to where the child will live a majority of the time. The court may decide to award joint legal custody to both parents while one parent has primary physical custody. In this situation, the non-custodial parent would have parenting time rights, which is the new term for visitation. In some divorces, the court may decide, or the parents agree, to share joint legal and physical custody. This arrangement would mean a child may have close to equal or equal time at each parent’s home.

Whichever parent has physical custody will make sure the children are fed, healthy, educated, and be responsible for the day-to-day decisions.

Some custody matters are contentious and may involve multiple issues that need to be resolved, such as child support, parental relocation, father’s rights, and parenting time. In these situations, it’s best to have a skilled legal advocate on your side.

Contact a New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer Today

Determining child custody is not a simple process. The court will look at many factors when deciding how best to proceed. Their main goal is to determine what is best for your children, not what you personally prefer. That is why you need an attorney on your side who can show that your suggested arrangement is what’s best for your children. To learn more about how we can help, contact the Law Offices of Katherine K. Wagner today to schedule an initial consultation.

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