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Monthly Archives: January 2022

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Should I Cite Fault Grounds in My NJ Divorce?

By Katherine K. Wagner |

If you are preparing to go through the divorce process, you’ve most likely heard the term “no-fault divorce.” Please continue reading and contact the Law Offices of Katherine K. Wagner to learn more about no-fault divorce, fault-based divorce, and whether you should cite fault grounds or not. Here are some of the questions you… Read More »

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Preparing for a Divorce | Here’s What You Need to Know

By Katherine K. Wagner |

Divorce is an involved, document-heavy process, which is why anyone who believes they’re ready to start must continue reading and reach out to the Law Offices of Katherine K. Wagner to learn more about preparing for divorce. Tips for Preparing for a Divorce in New Jersey Make sure you’re emotionally ready to begin the… Read More »

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What Should I Do if My Ex Isn’t Paying Alimony?

By Katherine K. Wagner |

When a couple gets divorced, often, alimony (sometimes called spousal support or spousal maintenance) is one of the most hotly-contested issues. In many cases, one spouse believes he or she is entitled to alimony, while the other spouse disagrees. New Jersey has a system in place regarding how it determines alimony agreements, and courts… Read More »

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