When Can I Stop Paying Child Support in New Jersey?

0392809001646029934.jpgIf you are currently paying child support in New Jersey, you may wonder when you are allowed to stop. Please continue reading and reach out to The Law Offices of Katherine K. Wagner to learn more about when child support ends in New Jersey and how Ms. Wagner can assist you through each step of the process ahead. Here are some questions you may have:

How is child support determined in New Jersey?

For the most part, child support is determined by the use of the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. The guideline amounts are determined, and periodically updated, by using a statistical analysis of the average cost to raise a child or children in the Northeast. Using the gross weekly income of each parent, the number of children and their ages, the appropriate amount of support is determined. The parties are free to deviate up or down from the guidelines support number for any reason including if a child has special needs or if their combined weekly incomes are over the maximum amount which in the current guidelines is $3,600 per week.

When can I stop paying child support in New Jersey?

Once a child reaches the age of 19, in most circumstances, they are no longer entitled to child support. However, if a child or children are pursuing post-secondary education on a full-time basis, the parent receiving the support may continue to receive support until they graduate or they reach the age of 23.

Parents of children with special needs may also request an extension of child support indefinitely depending upon the degree of the special needs. However, when a child turns 23 and they do not have special needs, they are considered emancipated, and child support will end. Further, there are certain cases where a child who is under the age of 23 may emancipate themselves, which would also terminate a child support obligation. A child is considered emancipated in New Jersey if:

  • They are no longer living with either parent
  • They are no longer pursuing their education on a full-time basis
  • They are married
  • They joined, or are joining, the military
  • They are financially independent and have a full-time job

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