New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

Somerville NJ Divorce LawyerDivorce is an emotionally charged, complex situation that must be handled with care and meticulous attention. Ms. Wagner understand these complexities and handles each divorce case in New Jersey with the professionalism needed to provide you with assertive representation, along with the perfect amount of personal care to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process. She will ensure that your every need is looked after as she fights for your rights now so that your future is the best it can be.

Every Situation is Unique

No two divorces are alike which is why Ms. Wagner looks upon each case with a keen eye to detail to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Ms. Wagner will work with you to determine your needs and wants and help you to see how they will impact your life into the future. Because divorce is emotional, one’s judgment can get clouded. This is why Ms. Wagner is there to help you see through the emotion and help you make the right choices for you and your family.

Somerset County NJ Divorce LawyerCovering Each Aspect

There are numerous aspects of a divorce; there are no “cookie cutter” cases. Whether yours is a contested or uncontested divorce, Ms. Wagner will meet with you and help you discover the aspects that must be handled in order to have a successful outcome to your divorce. You are not only dissolving a marriage, you may also be dealing with child custody, division of assets and issues of financial support to name just a few issues that must be covered to ensure your divorce is successful.

Call the Law Office of Katherine Wagner today to discuss your divorce in New Jersey. You can trust that she will provide you with the legal knowledge and representation you need, combined with the emotional support necessary to get through this difficult process. In the end, you will be stronger, happier and ready to move on to a fuller and brighter future.

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