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New Brunswick Divorce Lawyer

Filing for divorce is a complicated situation that must be carefully managed. There are often complicated matters of both fact and law combined with emotions—especially if you have children. If you are considering filing for divorce in New Jersey, or you’ve been served with divorce papers, you need an experienced New Brunswick divorce lawyer on your side who can help. You want an attorney who knows the law and how to win in court but understands how much is personally at stake in your divorce. Important issues include:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Contested versus uncontested divorce

With nearly thirty years of experience handling family law matters, our New Brunswick divorce lawyer Katherine Wagner understands the complexities involved in any divorce matter, including how emotions can cloud your judgment. She handles every divorce with the individualized attention and professionalism that it deserves and will always protect your rights.

Every New Jersey Divorce is Unique

No two divorce matters are the same—divorce is not a cookie-cutter legal matter. Every couple has different issues, assets, and financial situations. Ms. Wagner will look at your case with a keen eye to detail to ensure that nothing gets lost in the process. Every facet of your divorce deserves special attention and care. Some divorce proceedings are more amicable, and you may be able to resolve outstanding issues through a settlement, while other cases will be adversarial throughout the entire process.

Ms. Wagner can help you make the right choices for you and your family throughout the process. We know how easy it is to let your judgment get clouded because of your divorce’s emotional aspects. We will be there to help you see through the emotion and look for the solution that is best for your family. While we will encourage a favorable settlement to put matters behind you quickly, we are also here to fight for you if you want to pursue a resolution through litigation.

Offering Support After Your New Jersey Divorce

Finalizing your divorce is a huge step. It can signal the end of a chapter and another big step forward toward moving on with your life. However, finalizing your divorce doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have any further dealings with your ex. If you have children, you may have continuing issues beyond the divorce. In some cases, disputes can arise months or years down the line concerning child custody and parenting time.

You want an attorney on your side who understands your situation and knows your case. Ms. Wagner is prepared to help you quickly and efficiently resolve any continuing family law issues that arise once your divorce is final. She can assist with custody and parenting time modifications, parental relocation, child support, alimony changes, and more.

Contact a New Brunswick Divorce Lawyer

If you are facing a divorce in New Jersey, let our compassionate and dedicated legal team help. New Brunswick divorce lawyer Katherine K. Wager will provide you with the representation and support you need during this difficult time. Please contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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