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1. Is Life Insurance a Marital Asset? The short answer is, maybe.  It depends upon whether your life insurance policy is a “Whole Life” policy or a “Term Life” policy. “Whole Life” policies have cash value and are considered part of your net worth.  During the divorce proceedings, a whole life policy must be listed Life Insurance and Divorce Q & A [2019]

As an experienced Somerset County, NJ alimony law attorney I have had to keep up with recent changes in New Jersey alimony statutes. If you are contemplating getting divorced, are in the process of getting divorced, or are the recipient or the payor of alimony in NJ, you need to read on – there was NJ Alimony Law Update [2019]

Are your stepchildren causing problems in your marriage? Would you be surprised to learn that in New Jersey, friction caused by step children and ex-spouses is frequently the cause of divorce? If you are contemplating divorce because of stepchildren, contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options. Divorcing Because of New Jersey Lawyer to Help with Divorce Over Stepchild

Child Custody Laws in NJ for Unwed Parents Gone are the days when every child had married parents. The current diversity of family living arrangements has resulted in the court system establishing an alternative to a divorce proceeding, called a “non-dissolution ‘FD’ Case”  which is used by unmarried parents to: Establish a Legal Custody Order NJ Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents: A Guide

The Principles of Child Support in New Jersey The guiding principles of child support in New Jersey are that children should not be economic victims in a divorce. Instead, children are considered entities who are entitled to share in their parent’s income, and in New Jersey parents have a continuous duty to support their children How Long Do You Pay Child Support in NJ? [2019 Update]

Learn from one of the top divorce attorneys in NJ how to begin a divorce proceeding and how to follow through with it, in four easily-understandable steps. If you are looking for a starting point and a step-by-step guide to the planning, filing, and legal procedure of divorce, read on for this guide by Katherine Step-by-Step Guide to How to Begin a Divorce in NJ

Spousal support, and specifically the nature and purpose of spousal support, is one of the most hotly-debated family law topics of our day. Some advocates believe these payments should help obligees become economically self-sufficient, and that’s it. Others think alimony should permanently equalize the standard of living between the former spouses. For the most part, The Five Types of Alimony in New Jersey

New Jersey is an equitable distribution  state. A divorce cannot be an unfair financial burden for either party, so marital property must be divided accordingly. That includes both debts and assets. There is a presumption that a 50-50 division is equitable in most cases. So, for a Somerville equitable distribution attorney to obtain a disproportionate Five Common Property Division Factors in New Jersey

Residential parents count on child support payments to meet their children’s shelter, food, clothing, medical and other expenses.  Children are also entitled to share in the good fortunes of their parents, as well.   So, for example, if a paying spouse receives a substantial raise or a new job, his or her children are entitled Child Support Enforcement Options in New Jersey