Behavior that Affects your Divorce Proceedings: The Dos and Don’ts

0975300001647267165.jpgThere are certain actions and behavior that can either benefit or hurt the outcome of your divorce proceeding. Please read on to learn more about some of the “dos” and “don’ts” of divorce.

What to Do When Facing a Divorce

If you are going through the divorce process, or even if you have recently completed the divorce process, you should try to do the following:

  • Comply with any and all court orders including privileges or restrictions
  • Maintain good co-parenting practices with your spouse
  • Know the total balance of any joint checking and savings bank accounts
  • Seek out a CPA or accountant to help review the tax implications of your divorce
  • Know the balance of your retirement plans, 401(k), pension plan, etc.
  • If any part of your retirement plans were acquired prior to the marriage, attempt to obtain a statement of the balance in your account(s) as close to the date of marriage as possible
  • Examine your credit history
  • Get a credit report
  • Be aware of your household budget and expenses
  • Collect your real estate deeds, mortgage documents, and at least the last three tax returns you have filed, whether jointly or separately
  • Make a copy of your and your spouse’s last three pay stubs from employment
  • Keep a journal to document the exchange and pick up of your children
  • Keep a list of, or copy of checks, for money paid to your spouse
  • Pay your child support on time
  • Change the passwords to all of your email accounts
  • Change the passwords to all of your social media sites
  • When filling out your inventory, disclose all assets and liabilities
  • Seek help for any alcohol or illegal substance abuse

What Not to Do When Facing a Divorce

Now that you are aware of the positive actions you can take when facing a divorce, it is also important to consider the actions that could negatively affect your divorce proceedings. Do not do the following:

  • Withhold information from your attorney
  • Post information regarding your divorce on social media
  • Post content on social media that can be used against you
  • Withhold visitation from your spouse for their failure to make child support payments
  • Discuss the case with your children or use them as intermediaries
  • Criticize your spouse in front of your children
  • Buy real estate or any extravagant items while the divorce is pending
  • Sell property without the court’s permission
  • Increase your debt while the divorce is pending
  • Give large contributions to anyone during the proceedings
  • Send negative emails, texts, messages, etc. to your spouse
  • Start another romantic relationship during the proceedings
  • Bring a new significant other around your children or the court hearings
  • Get pregnant or get anyone pregnant
  • Remove children from their current school
  • Move out of state with your children

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