Divorce proceedings can be complex, especially when substantial assets are involved. In New Jersey, a high-asset divorce is a marital dissolution where significant financial interests are at stake. These cases require meticulous attention to detail and often involve multiple properties, investments, businesses, and other valuable assets. Understanding High-Asset Divorce in New Jersey A high-asset divorce What Is a High-Asset Divorce?

Summer can be a wonderful time for children, filled with long days, vacations, and new experiences. However, co-parenting during the summer can present unique challenges for divorced parents. Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney at Law understands the importance of creating a smooth, enjoyable summer for your children while navigating the complexities of co-parenting. Here are some Follow These Summer Co-Parenting Tips

In today’s interconnected world, relationships face numerous challenges. One such challenge that has recently gained attention is “micro-cheating.” Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney at Law understands the complexities that can arise in marriages and partnerships and can help you navigate them. In this blog, you will learn about what micro-cheating is, how to identify it, its What Is Micro-Cheating?