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Monthly Archives: August 2020


How Does Coronavirus Affect Divorce Property Valuation?

By Katherine K. Wagner |

In most cases, economic activity slowed to a standstill during the spring 2020 coronavirus lockdowns. The slowdown was especially bad for entertainment venues, most retailers, and other nonessential businesses. Normally, the law distinguishes between active and passive assets. But these are not normal times. The extraordinary circumstances rule, first articulated in 1991’s Goldman v…. Read More »

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Parenting Time Issues During a Global Pandemic

By Katherine K. Wagner |

When coronavirus hit American shores sometime in February 2020, many people thought, or hoped, the epidemic would be over in a few months. As a result, in terms of parenting timeshare arrangements, many families turned to stopgap measures and informal agreements. At this point, it seems that COVID-19 restrictions might last well into 2021…. Read More »

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