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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Financial and Emotional Issues in Divorce Cases

By Katherine K. Wagner |

The divorce rate has declined significantly since the 1990s. However, divorce’s moral acceptability rating is at an all-time high. In other words, people who would never have considered divorce before, such as people over 60, now see marriage dissolution as a legitimate way to end a marriage they see as unsatisfying for some reason…. Read More »

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Five Common Property Division Factors in New Jersey

By Katherine K. Wagner |

New Jersey is an equitable distribution  state. A divorce cannot be an unfair financial burden for either party, so marital property must be divided accordingly. That includes both debts and assets. There is a presumption that a 50-50 division is equitable in most cases. So, for a Somerville equitable distribution attorney to obtain a… Read More »

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The Five Types of Alimony in New Jersey

By Katherine K. Wagner |

Spousal support, and specifically the nature and purpose of spousal support, is one of the most hotly-debated family law topics of our day. Some advocates believe these payments should help obligees become economically self-sufficient, and that’s it. Others think alimony should permanently equalize the standard of living between the former spouses. For the most… Read More »

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Custody Options in a Co-Parenting Environment

By Katherine K. Wagner |

Before World War II, divorced fathers almost always got custody of their children. Mothers received limited visitation rights, at best. That dynamic flipped after World War II, with the advent of the so-called “tender years” doctrine. Today, New Jersey has a co-parenting law. Presumptively, children benefit when they have consistent and meaningful contact with… Read More »

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